Yellow Grits & Eggs

I didn’t need to live in the South for 31 years to develop a liking for grits. I was won over the first time I had them, and I am not much of a porridge eater. When eating out I will often order grits to go with my breakfast. Grits served in restaurants are almost always white. When it comes to corn I will go for yellow over white when convenient since yellow corn has carotenoids, including beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), whereas white corn does not.*

*I do not obsess over the nutritional content of foods. Food is to enjoy as well as to sustain life. More on that in another post.

After simmering the grits in a small pot until done I transferred them into individual casserole dishes then cracked eggs into indentations in the grits.




The lidded baking dishes were then steamed (one at a time) until the eggs were done.



We very much enjoyed our breakfast of yellow grits and eggs.




2 thoughts on “Yellow Grits & Eggs

  1. What a lovely presentation! I tend to just plop ours onto a plate/bowl and add the two poached duck eggs on the side for mixing in ad hoc. Like you, yellow definitely has more appeal than white, although I must admit to not being able to tell the difference if blindfolded.

    I first became aware of yellow grits (i.e. polenta) back in the 70’s, having seen a delicious-looking photo of polenta smothered in black beans, and served with grilled salmon on the cover of a Sunset Magazine. Since I lived in Florida, I always felt like such a rebel to be so enamoured of Sunset Magazine. Out here, of course, they are on every checkstand, but I was always so thrilled to receive my copy each month.

    And, yes, I am still a subscriber! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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