Polenta Shakshouka Breakfast

Last night Faye requested a hearty breakfast for in the morning. Shakshouka with polenta proved to be a substantial enough meal. Shakshouka recipes are rather ubiquitous these days but that doesn’t diminish the deliciousness of the dish. It is one I never tire of and revisit frequently.

Meal preparation began with cooking the polenta at a low simmer, stirring it occasionally and adding hot water as needed. It was seasoned simply with butter, kosher salt and black pepper.

While the polenta was simmering I sautéed onion, garlic, red (Fresno) chili pepper, green bell pepper and celery in olive oil.


When the onions and peppers had softened a bit I added kosher salt and chopped spinach.


When the spinach had wilted after cooking under a lid for a few minutes I added canned crushed tomatoes and let it heat to a simmer under a lid.


The sauce was seasoned with dried herbs: basil, tarragon, marjoram, cayenne pepper, black pepper


Eggs were added to the simmering tomato sauce and a little salt sprinkled on the eggs.


The eggs poached on low heat in the sauce under a lid to the desired amount of doneness and fresh parsley and French tarragon were sprinkled on top.


Can’t beat this for a delicious substantial meal.



4 thoughts on “Polenta Shakshouka Breakfast

    1. Simple solution: switch back to Safari!

      I’ve run into the same situation with a couple blogs I am following. It’s a little frustrating because I would like to acknowledge my appreciation but don’t necessarily have a significant comment to make.

      Every “like” is appreciated, of course, but they are simply a gauge of how well readers relate to my presentation and not something that determines my wellbeing. No worries!


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