Swiss Chard, Eggplant & Mushroom Pizza

Pizza seldom happens around here anymore, but there was a perfectly good store-bought pizza crust taking up space in the freezer, and I figured the plump firm aubergine I just purchased might make a good pizza sauce.

In the oiled tray of the Cuisinart Oven Central I roasted:

  • sliced onions
  • sliced mushrooms
  • sliced garlic
  • cubed eggplant
  • chopped tomato
  • red chili pepper
  • green bell pepper


The roasting vegetables were turned occasionally until everything was well caramelized. I added salt, black pepper, dried basil and marjoram for seasoning.


Meanwhile I had boiled some Swiss chard from the garden. I drained and chopped the cooked chard and scattered the greens on the pizza crust.


I then spread the roasted vegetables and mashed them onto the crust with a spatula.


I debated for a moment whether to make it a cheese-less pizza and keep it vegan. It was a very short debate. I sprinkled Manchego cheese and scattered black olives on top.


It was a thin no-rise cracker type crust and I almost left it in the oven too long. This was a tasty pizza, indeed.





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