Pistachio & Cashew Sauce

Today I made a simple and very tasty sauce. There was a small amount left over from lunch and it took all my willpower to stop myself from going back to the refrigerator to taste it again… and again.

It started by soaking equal amounts of roasted and salted pistachios and raw cashews (about 1/2 cup of each) for a few hours.

pistachio and cashew sauce

cashew pistachio sauce

Cashews and pistachios have a sweetness about them and, to me, so do onions and garlic. I sautéed at low temperature a small amount of sweet onion, a clove of garlic, a small green chili (including seeds) and a pinch of kosher salt in a little olive oil until caramelized. To assist with the caramelization I sprinkled just a little turbinado sugar.

cashew pistachio sauce

While the onions and garlic were caramelizing I blended the soaked pistachios and cashews using just enough water to do the job (the Magic Bullet® worked great for this). The sautéed onion, garlic and chili were then added and blended until silky smooth. After scraping as much as I could out the blender I used a dribble of lemon juice to rinse out the rest of the sauce.

cashew pistachio sauce

cashew pistachio sauce

cashew pistachio sauce

We enjoyed the slightly warmed sauce over roasted cauliflower and buttercup squash.

cashew pistachio sauce

cashew pistachio sauce

I thought I liked hummus (I still do) but this sauce is truly heavenly. The heat from the green chili sets off the sweetness of the other ingredients. This sauce makes a wonderful dip for raw vegetables as was confirmed by my supper this evening.

cashew and pistachio sauce


7 thoughts on “Pistachio & Cashew Sauce

    1. It is very seldom I use the old fashioned upright blender. Too cumbersome. I use the stick blender a lot. It’s easy to get out, clean up and put away. The base for the Magic Bullet stays plugged in on the counter behind the Kurig. Can’t beat it for convenience

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  1. I have a high-powered stick blender – somewhere. We tend to like chunky soups and sauces, so I’m not inclined to root about to find it. I know the cabinet it is in, but it requires a step stool to reach to the back of the shelf, where it is no doubt hiding.

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