Second Day Of Spring

Finally got my string trimmer back from the mechanic so I was knocking down some weeds and tall grass around the garden and noticed that a small *copperhead snake had become an inadvertent casualty. Copperheads are venomous and have an ornery disposition so I would have dispatched the little bugger anyway because it was in my territory.

* (After a little more study I’m thinking it may not be a copperhead after all)


Since we are out in the garden I may as well do a garden update: The last couple weeks of winter brought the return of frigid weather including a light snowfall and freezing temperatures as low as 21ºF (-6ºC). Fortunately everything planted so far can tolerate fairly cold temperatures. I tented some of the planting areas on the coldest nights.

cold snap

cold snap

Today, on the second day of spring, the temperature reached 85ºF (29.4ºC) which is why the snake was out and about. I expect there will be a few more frosty mornings so will hold off on putting out more plants for now.

These seedlings have been thinned out once. It is time to start harvesting micro greens for the table and thin the plants some more.



8 thoughts on “Second Day Of Spring

    1. There are many different methods of gardening and so many good books. The book I have used most and will always use no matter how much experience is the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening by the editors of organic gardening magazine (published by Rodale). It covers almost every type of plant you can think of and tells how to propagate, care for, and harvest. It covers plant pests and diseases for each type of plant and how to deal with them. Used copies are available on Amazon for $2.00.


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