Oyster Mushroom & Chickpea Polenta Breakfast

As I was waking up this morning, somewhere between wakefulness and dreamland, I envisioned polenta made with green chili and topped with oyster mushrooms and chickpeas in a tasty sauce. It was nice to have the breakfast menu already decided rather than have to scramble to think of something to put on the table.

The polenta was made by sautéing minced green chili in a little butter and olive oil, then adding hot water and whisking in finely ground yellow cornmeal. It was seasoned with salt and left  to cook under a lid at an almost imperceptible simmer. More hot water was added as needed with occasional stirring.

The oyster mushroom and chickpea sauce began with sautéing onions, minced red Fresno chilis and garlic paste in olive oil.

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

Chopped stems and whole caps of oyster mushrooms were added and sautéing continued.

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

Next I added canned chickpeas, water and seasoning. The seasoning consisted of nutritional yeast and, in very small amounts:

  • salt
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • thyme
  • sage
  • rosemary
  • chervil
  • turmeric
  • cayenne pepper
  • mushroom powder

This was allowed to cook under a lid until the mushrooms were tender.

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

I blended up some of the liquid from the can of garbanzos with some cornstarch until it was frothy (the frothing was not necessary. I was just playing around). I poured this into the pan to thicken and added more water to get the sauce consistency I wanted.

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta

The green chili in the polenta and the red chili in the mushroom and garbanzo sauce gave the dish an elevated level of heat, just the way I like it. We enjoyed it with scrambled eggs on the side.

oyster mushroom & chickpea polenta


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