Think Like A Wren

For some reason, just when barbecue season is rolling around, the wrens want to build a nest and raise a family under the lid of my charcoal grill. Last year their nest already had five eggs when I discovered it.



Knowing the types of locations wrens typically choose, I moved the nest into a small bucket laid on its side. I made sure to tilt it so water would not get in and collect (I’m sure wrens instinctively take such things into account). The birds readily accepted the new location.

This photo from last year shows the mother in the nest and the male coming to feed her.



This year the wrens built a nest in the exact same spot in my barbecue. I intend to grill out quite a lot this spring and summer so the nest had to go. This time there were no eggs in the nest yet. I slid the nest into a cardboard box laid on its side with two of the flaps closed and placed it on top of the freezer on the porch about fifteen feet away. Once again the birds have accepted the new location and are putting the finishing touches on their nest.

Wrens are good neighbors. They eat a lot of bugs and insects around the house and garden. I wish them well.



garden (14).jpg


11 thoughts on “Think Like A Wren

  1. Fantastic, so happy they are happy and settling in while you get to use yout barbecue. Over the years, I have read of several people who’ve had to wait to use their classic cars which have been under tarp for the winter or in a barn and the birds have got their first and nested in the grill.

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    1. There are a lot of myths out there such as the one stating that hatchlings touched by humans puts the human scent on them causing the parent birds to reject them. Not true. Besides, there are doubts whether birds even have the ability to smell with the possible exception of vultures.

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