First Cookout Of The Year

Despite living in the South for 31 years okra is still one of my least favorite vegetables. There is, however, one way I actually do like it, and that is brushed with toasted sesame oil and cooked on a charcoal grill with salt and black pepper. The flavor is great and there is not one bit of sliminess.

I never see okra in the store worth taking home so any I have eaten have been what I have grown. Earlier this week at the Indian store we saw some very fresh looking okra, and with grilling season upon us we purchased a handful. That being a commitment to fire up the grill I also picked up a couple ears of yellow corn.

All indications were that today was going to be a rainy day and I had pretty much given up on the prospect of cooking out. I went out early this morning and picked a bunch of parsley that was crowding the other vegetables I am trying to grow.



After washing the parsley and removing the large stems it was still a large bowlful.


I cleaned the parsley again with a vinegar solution and several rinsings then blended it to a paste with olive oil, salt and the juice of half a lemon using a food processor. That big bowl of parsley was reduced down to not very much at all.

The frozen parsley will come in handy later for making pesto, salad dressings, smoothies etc.



It was getting to be late morning when I noticed the rain had stopped and the sun was attempting to shine, and I hadn’t made any preparation for a barbecue.

I grilled the corn directly on the grate until it was charred, then wrapped it in foil to keep it hot. The okra was done with sesame oil, salt and pepper the same way.

For protein I opened a can of Big Franks, our all-time favorite veggie hot dog. Despite them being our favorite we seldom eat them. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive to where they are available so we get a whole case whenever we purchase them. They are kept at the very back of the pantry where they seldom come to mind. Faye asked, “Why don’t we have these more often?” I said, “Because they are special.”




fletcher valley market 4

I made parsley/lemon butter to spread on the corn using preserved lemon rind, butter and blended parsley.

I used only the rind of the preserved lemon, rinsed to remove excess saltiness. After aging seven months the rind is soft and easily mashed with a fork.

baked potato




This cookout was a small and rather hasty event but it was delicious and satisfying.




2 thoughts on “First Cookout Of The Year

  1. Very cool looking victuals! Could you mail order the Big Franks? Maybe the store would send them to you as a special favor, or you might contact the manufacturer to see. I used to get dates that way – directly from the grower/packer in SoCal – but found out they were cheaper buying them in 5-pound bulk packs from Azure Standard in Oregon than in 25-pound boxes directly from the grower!

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    1. I’m sure we could have the Big Franks shipped, probably from several sources including the store. They are rather heavy so not likely via the USPS.

      I’m curious if you happen to remember the name of the date grower. When we lived in SoCal we used to drive out to the desert and purchase dates at a farm. Funny how we don’t use dates so much anymore. They were almost a staple back then.


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