Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!

I don’t do well eating sandwiches. The effort sooner or later ends up a disaster. Sometimes I lose control and the whole thing falls apart on the very first bite. Might as well get out the knife and fork at the outset. Sometimes food is all about the pleasure. Meal after meal of healthful eating … More Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!


Lunch was pretty good… … but checking on the wren family was just as interesting. This is the nest I relocated from inside the charcoal grill into a cardboard box on top of the freezer on the porch. Last time I checked on them a few days ago there were still eggs in the nest. … More Lunch?

Eggs In A Ramekin

A few mornings ago we had eggs baked with onion, tomato and fresh herbs from the garden. Chopped sweet onion went in the bottom of the ramekin with a little olive oil and kosher salt. Chopped tomato went on top of the onions with a little more salt. Next I sprinkled chopped fresh herbs (oregano, … More Eggs In A Ramekin