Black Lentil & Mango Salad

I cooked up some Black Lentils, which are also known as Beluga Lentils because of their resemblance in appearance to caviar. As soon as they were done I transferred them into a sieve and rinsed them under cold running water.

lentil mango salad

Ingredients in the salad were:

  • spring onion
  • green jalapeño
  • ripe red jalapeño
  • cilantro
  • red onion
  • radish
  • mango
  • arugula
  • fresh frying cheese
  • black lentils

I decided not to use the corn simply because there comes a point when enough is enough. The two of us can only eat so much food at a time.

lentil mango salad

lentil mango salad

I sometimes use Mexican Queso Para Freír in place of the more expensive Halloumi. It melts more easily than Halloumi and is less salty but is still a good substitute.

lentil mango salad

lentil mango salad

lentil mango salad

I know some will cringe at the though of two large jalapeños, but I assure you that with the seeds and ribs thoroughly removed they were practically as mild as sweet peppers. Also, slicing the jalapeños thinly gives them a wider distribution in the salad and thus less in each mouthful. Without the cheese this would be a vegan salad.

lentil mango salad


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