For The Birds

Recent events in the kitchen have largely involved salads made from ingredients grown in the garden, so nothing new or spectacular to report there. While there has been steady progress in the garden the changes haven’t been significant enough to be worthy of mention. So, this post is for the birds.

I used to look out for the birds more than I do now. I have always enjoyed identifying and observing them, and for many years I fed them at considerable expense, putting out seeds, nuts and dried fruits in multiple homemade feeders. My apparent benevolence was really a self-serving endeavor. Birds are eminently capable of finding their own food. I just wanted them to gather at a place convenient for me to observe them. It was indeed gratifying, especially during and after a new snow when the feeders would be a nonstop flurry of activity. Slow economic times and periods of underemployment brought the avifauna welfare program to a quiet end.

bird feeder


Eastern Bluebirds are among my favorite birds. Every morning before daybreak I wake up to their cheerful songs. Bluebirds consume a lot of insects so they are much appreciated around the yard and garden. Years ago I made nesting houses for them out of both cedar wood and concrete, and they seem to prefer the ones made of concrete. The bluebird house in the garden currently has four eggs in it and the one out by the road has two hatchlings and at least one unhatched egg.


birds' nests

birds' nests

birds' nests

birds' nests

birds' nests

The wren’s nest that I relocated to a cardboard box now has five eggs in it. Wrens, too, are insect eaters and are good to have around.

I stop peeking in on the young birds when they get close to fledging for fear of startling them and causing them to fledge too soon.

birds' nests



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