Spring Tonic Breakfast

Every spring I look forward to the emergence of wild edible greens like pokeweed (poke salat), curly dock and stinging nettle.

There was a time when fresh fruits and vegetables weren’t readily available in winter as they are now. In the spring, folks took advantage of the wild greens that sprang up before the planted crops had a chance to mature and ate them as a spring tonic to remedy nutritional deficiencies. I like to carry on the tradition every spring, not to correct deficiencies but because the wild greens taste so good, not that the extra boost of nutrients isn’t appreciated.

This week I foraged the first of the pokeweed and a few curly dock leaves on the property and cooked them up with some kale from the garden. Pokeweed contains toxins which must be removed by boiling and involves multiple changes of water. I described the procedure in another post here.


curly dock



For the omelet filling I threw the onions, jalapeño and mushrooms into the pan all at the same time and sautéed them in olive oil.


When the onions and peppers were soft I added in the previously cooked wild and domestic greens.



I beat red miso paste in with the eggs…



…and that was breakfast.



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