Scrambled Egg & Ramson Burritos

Any day now we will be making our annual trip to the mountains to obtain another year’s supply of ramps (ramson / wild garlic / wild leeks), so I used some of what’s left of last year’s frozen ramps in these scrambled egg burritos. I sautéed them with cherry peppers and kosher salt.


cherry peppers

breakfast burritos

breakfast burritos

It was still dark when I went outside with a flashlight and picked some fresh spinach. I blanched the spinach leaves and added them to the ramps and peppers, but in retrospect, the spinach should have been either fully cooked or added to the burrito raw. For some reason the super tender and crisp leaves became a bit tough when I poured boiling water over them.

breakfast burritos

breakfast burritos (4).jpg

I added the sautéed vegetables to eggs, which had been blended with a dollop of mayonnaise and kosher salt, and poured it all into the still hot pan.

breakfast burritos

breakfast burritos

Heating the whole wheat tortillas in a dry hot skillet for a few seconds on each side made them pliable for rolling the burritos.

breakfast burritos

Cherry peppers are more sweet than they are hot so of course we brought out the hot sauces, including my own fermented jalapeño sauce.

These scrambled egg burritos were inspired by a fellow blogger’s post about a scrambled egg sandwich.

breakfast burritos


3 thoughts on “Scrambled Egg & Ramson Burritos

    1. I am certain that ramps don’t grow in Southeast Texas. They are not likely to be found in supermarkets anywhere. We get ours from a small produce stand in the North Carolina mountains. The man digs them himself out in the woods. Your best bet of running into them is at a high end restaurant or in travels abroad in Northern Europe.


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