On A Rainy Day In April

It has been relatively cold and raining the last couple of days with more rain in the forecast throughout the week. I guess that’s the way it is supposed to be in April. I’m not complaining. It will give the garden a huge boost (including the weeds) and ensure that the well doesn’t go dry.

The “creek” has remained full and (over)flowing even when there is a break in the rain for a few hours.



We had planned to fire up the charcoal grill yesterday but wisely gave up the idea of cooking out. A few of those elements were included in today’s midday meal, and the oven was put to good use on this chilly rainy day.

The first use of the oven was to roast a couple of poblano peppers under the broiler with the intention of peeling and stuffing them. That is not the way it happened. By the time I considered the skin sufficiently blistered for peeling, the peppers were too well cooked to stuff. Oh well.

With the oven still hot, I rubbed the corn cobs with lime dipped in salt and chili powder and roasted them in foil.

While the roasted corn was cooling I proceeded to bake a sweet potato.

While the sweet potato was baking I got ready to roast a couple of Belgian endives by going out and snipping a few sprigs of French tarragon. I plan to use more of my herbs this year than in the past. The plants do a lot better if they are properly clipped and kept in check.



I used the Magic Bullet® to blend the French tarragon with olive oil, lime juice, a little honey, kosher salt and caraway seeds. This was brushed onto the cut sides of the endives with an effort to apply it between the leaves as much as possible. The endives were left to marinate cut side up.


When the sweet potato was mostly done I turned the endives cut side down and slid them into the oven next to the sweet potato.



Meanwhile I put together the roasted corn salad: corn, poblano peppers, Carolina Bleu cheese, parsley, lime juice, salt, crushed cumin seeds, sumac and smoked paprika.

corn salad

corn salad

corn salad

corn salad

For a topping on the sweet potato I put together an arugula pesto.

I planted a LOT of arugula this year, a lot more than the two of us can eat in salads. I researched food preservation methods.



It seems that the best way to preserve arugula is in the form of pesto frozen for later use. I’ll wait for a break in the rain before taking on that project. Meanwhile I included arugula in a small batch of pesto with which to top the sweet potato and to see how well I like it. The pesto consisted of: arugula (more than is in the photo), parsley, basil, garlic, walnuts, pistachios olive oil, lime juice and kosher salt. I don’t often use cheese in pesto, and when I do it is added just prior to using.



I filled an ice cube tray to freeze and saved the remainder to be used on the baked sweet potato.


Well, it all came together a few minutes before noon: Baked sweet potato topped with arugula pesto, corn salad with blue cheese and poblano peppers, and roasted Belgian endive.

This is a longer post than usual. I hope it is halfway coherent.

corn salad


10 thoughts on “On A Rainy Day In April

  1. Those are delightful things to eat! I’m particularly fond of arugula, but it is pretty non-existent here. There are a few fresh herbs in the grocery store, but they aren’t big sellers apparently, so they are VERY expensive. I know . . . I should plant a little garden – indoors so the critters can’t get at them. Maybe in my next life. ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. Arugula is readily available here and the price is about the same as other bagged salad ingredients but what looks nice and fresh in the store doesn’t look so good when you get it home. They must have special lighting in the produce department.

      There are a lot of things I would like to do that I have reserved for another life.

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