Just Another Pasta Salad

I never was a big pasta eater. I like it just fine if there is plenty of flavor to go with it. My tastes require plenty of sauce with my pasta. I can’t wade through a plate piled high with pasta with a stingy amount of sauce on top. The sauce (flavor) needs to permeate every strand of pasta to interest me.

One reason I avoided pasta for many years was because there were few whole grain varieties available and they left a lot to be desired, both in flavor and texture. I have recently learned that brown rice pasta cooks up nice and tender without any of the “off” flavors I had shied away from..

I used to avoid pasta salads for the same reason. Most of the ones thrust upon me at potlucks were mostly pasta with the occasional vegetable ingredient sparsely thrown in. Now that I make my own pasta salads with my choice of pasta and ingredients I can’t get enough of them when it occurs to me to make them.

Other than to inspire and offer suggestions a salad doesn’t really require a recipe.  Even the amounts of ingredients are best determined by personal tastes. The pasta salad I threw together today was a haphazard assembly of ingredients that happened to be on hand:

  • cooked brown rice elbow pasta
  • arugula pesto plus additional blended/puréed arugula
  • roasted corn
  • black olives
  • meatless Big Franks®
  • lightly cooked broccoli, slightly tender but crunchy

It’s sort of like a painting – to be visually appreciated but not necessarily duplicated stroke for stroke.

pasta salad


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