Raita With Summer Squash Blossoms

On our most recent visit to the Indian grocery store I was happy to find fresh drumsticks, chicos (chikoos, sapotas, sapodillas), ivy gourd and fresh small green chilis.

drumstick, chiko,ivy gourd, chilis

At the cash register we also purchased four pieces of dhokla. I quickly snapped a picture when I realized we were going to devour every one of them on the spot while standing in the kitchen.


Of course, with the acquisition of fresh drumsticks, an Indian style meal was inevitably imminent. I included cooked split moong dal in the drumstick curry.



To me the accompaniments are just as important to an Indian meal as the rice and curry.  Chutneys, pickles, pappadam, chapatis, raita are just a few of the things that can make the meal complete.

Whilst putting together the raita for this meal the squash blossoms growing outside came to mind. I had used fresh squash blossoms in a yogurt dish once before and it was awesome.

My squash plants are still very small but are blooming and beginning to put on fruit. I intended to pick only the male blossoms but plucked a couple female blossoms by mistake. The difference between male and female squash blossoms can be seen in my previous post HERE.




Ingredients for the raita were:

  • nonfat Greek yogurt thinned with buttermilk and water
  • squash blossoms
  • Fresno chili pepper
  • jalapeño
  • sweet onion
  • shredded cucumber
  • dill weed



Besides the raita, our meal consisted of rice (tossed with cilantro, preserved lemon peel and chives), drumstick curry, spinach paratha and mango pickle.





7 thoughts on “Raita With Summer Squash Blossoms

  1. Don’t know where it came from, but learning has always been a passion. I think I said something on that order on my About Me page – because it is so true! With the Internet, I am in virtual heaven. I live in a library. Who could ask for anything more? ;->

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    1. No kidding. Remember when, unless you had a set of encyclopedias, you had to wait until your next trip to the library to get information on what you wanted to know? Now, with just a right click on a word you can get the definition of the word or do a google search on it.

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  2. Everything on the plate looks so tasty! I’ve never heard of some of the vegetables you’ve used here. Very interesting.
    I wish I had such nice squash blossoms. They are great when cooked just like the grape leaves I posted this week. 🙂

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