A Flying Adventure

Yesterday was our grandson’s 10th birthday. Our birthday present to him was the opportunity to know what it feels like to fly. We met him and our daughter in Fayetteville, NC yesterday to view some indoor skydiving so he would know what to look forward to for his flying adventure today. It was interesting observing both adults and children having their first experience in the wind tunnel. Some of the adults had expressions of apprehension on their faces but every one of the kids were grinning from ear to ear.

trip to fayetteville


It was appropriate to visit the Airborne & Special Operations Museum first.


trip to Fayetteville

These three boys were waiting to go into the vertical wind tunnel with the instructor one at a time (grandson is the one on the left). When the instructor asked which one wanted to have the first turn they all pointed at each other. I would like to have caught that on photo or video but I was too busy laughing.


This was his second turn in the wind tunnel.

Here is the instructor having a blast (literally).

… running past me to show mom his flying certificate. He also received a video thumb drive of his experience and a T-shirt.


Flying was much more fun than riding a burro.



12 thoughts on “A Flying Adventure

  1. I so didn’t want to press Like! I got dizzy watching and my stomach was in my chest 😄 I don’t know how anyone can do that, it makes me feel sick just to watch, but what a great present for him. He’ll remember that experience for the rest of his life 👏🏻

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