Plantain Whatchamacallits

Deciding what to call a dish can be more difficult than creating it in the first place. I had no idea what to call these things. The best I could do was to come up with some cornball name. Yeah, maybe that’s what they are – Corn Balls. After all, they are made with cornbread batter. I considered Battered Plantains but that sounded abusive. I may not know what to call them but I do know how they happened.

These plantains were yellow when I bought them, but after a few days on the counter they turned almost completely black.



I peeled the plantains and cut them into chunks then I sprinkled red Kashmiri chili powder and drizzled lime juice over them.



I dipped the chunks in cornbread batter and cooked them in an aebelskiver pan with a few drops of coconut oil.






These were good as they were out of the pan, or with maple syrup, or with a squeeze of lime.



7 thoughts on “Plantain Whatchamacallits

  1. Nice! We’ve had a lot of ripe plantains this week – boiled them, mashed them, fried them with honey & coconut… have not yet battered & fried. I keep meaning to get an idli pan – they cut down on grease, right?

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