Breakfast Dogs

Our plan for today was to drive down to South Carolina and scout out a future kayaking location on the Lynches River. This called for a breakfast that didn’t require a lot of thought. Hoagie buns and meatless Big Franks® wouldn’t normally catch one’s attention whilst searching the refrigerator for breakfast options, but when huddled together with eggs in the same sight picture of the open refrigerator door it doesn’t take much imagination to formulate a plan. Easy:

Hollow out the hoagie buns,

breakfast dogs


beat the eggs and add the sliced franks,

breakfast dogs


scramble them in a skillet,

breakfast dogs


Stuff the scrambled eggs and franks in the hollowed out hoagie buns,

breakfast dogs


Add whichever condiments you think you can handle this early in the morning and go on your way.

breakfast dogs



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