Scalloped Yellow Summer Squash

Here is yet another dish featuring yellow summer squash. This is one I could do over and over, and doubtless will in the near future as long as squash is in abundance.

As with many of my dishes, it began with onion and garlic sautéed in olive oil and seasoned with kosher salt, black pepper and nutmeg.

scalloped squash


I couldn’t resist inserting some greens. I used Malabar spinach.

scalloped squash (1).jpg

scalloped squash

scalloped squash


When the spinach was tender I turned off the heat and mixed in chopped basil.

scalloped squash (4).jpg


In a baking dish greased with olive oil, I arranged a layer of squash slices and dusted them with a combination of masa harina, all purpose flour and salt.

scalloped squash

scalloped squash

scalloped squash


Then I scattered a layer of the sautéed onion and Malabar spinach.

scalloped squash (8).jpg


This was followed by another layer of squash slices which were also dusted with harina, flour and salt mixture. This sequence continued until the onion and greens preparation ran out. The last couple layers were of squash and flour dustings.

scalloped squash


I then poured in approximately half a can of coconut milk.

scalloped yellow squash

scalloped squash


This dish could have been left vegan without a noticeable difference, but there was a small amount of Brie that needed to be used. I put the Brie in the freezer prior to shredding.

scalloped squash (11).jpg


On top of the Brie I added a layer of cornflakes and put it in the oven to bake.

scalloped squash


As usual, I was running short on time, so I cranked the temperature up and switched on the convection fan. As usual, I neglected to keep an eye on things and the cornflakes became a bit charred.

scalloped squash


But all was well. The worst charred of the cornflakes were easily picked off and there was no burnt flavor in the end product.

The masa harina, all purpose flour and coconut milk gave the dish a tasty creamy sauce that was not runny. The dish was perfectly cooked despite my concerns, with the squash just slightly crunchy. This is a dish which the proper amount of salt makes all the difference in the world.

scalloped squash

scalloped squash



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