Yard-Long Beans

Bean vines in the garden are only just now beginning to produce, and today I brought in a small handful. This year I am growing yard-long beans as well as a couple other varieties. Although yard-long beans (also known as asparagus beans) will grow very long they are best eaten at 6 to 12 inches. The last few days have been rainy so I didn’t go out much and some of the beans grew as long as 15 inches. The blossoms are pretty first thing in the morning, but by afternoon they have faded to pale white or disappear altogether.

yard-long beans

yard-long beans

yard-long beans


I sautéed the beans with a little butter and kosher salt.

yard-long beans


With a slotted spoon I added some wild hickory nuts that had been soaking for almost a year in 50% alcohol for the purpose of making hickory nut flavor extract.  I couldn’t resist setting the pan ablaze. The flames are almost invisible in the photo.

hickory nut extract

yard-long beans


The green beens were cooked until tender and the alcohol had dissipated. They shared a small plate of potatoes roasted with olive oil and parsley salt.

This was just a nibble compared to the amount of beans we will be inundated with in the near future.

yard-long beans

yard-long beans


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