Fruit Salad

On our most recent trip to Patel Brothers we purchased a couple boxes of Ataulfo mangoes. I had initially picked up one box, but at the register was told they were “buy one get one free,” so of course I grabbed another.   Most of the mangoes have now been cut and frozen.   We … More Fruit Salad

Eggplant, Beet Greens & Mushrooms Quesadilla

A basic quesadilla, as served in American restaurants, consists of cheese in a toasted flour tortilla. Other, more healthy offerings may include spinach, mushrooms, mixed vegetables, chicken etc in addition to the cheese. When I occasionally make quesadillas at home I am sure to use whole wheat tortillas rather than the ones made with white … More Eggplant, Beet Greens & Mushrooms Quesadilla

Pani Puri

Lunch today was a new and wonderful experience for me. Somehow, despite having lived in India for twelve years, I never witnessed or experienced Pani Puri during that time. Pani Puri is more than just a bite to eat. It is indeed an experience. It is an activity with a specific procedure which is an … More Pani Puri

Lehman’s Hardware

We have been wanting to install a hand pump on our well to provide us access to water during emergencies. When the power goes out so does our ability to get water from our well, and we sometimes lose power for days and weeks at a time in summer, autumn and winter due to summer … More Lehman’s Hardware

Ultimate Tomato Sauce

This is not the best tomato season I’ve ever seen but it’s not the worst either. The first few tomatoes were pretty sad looking but as summer has progressed they are looking much better. As is often the case, the wild volunteer plants are the healthiest and most productive. Every few days there are enough … More Ultimate Tomato Sauce

Poblano Whole Wheat Crepes With Malabar Spinach & Quark Filling

I miss having spinach fresh from the garden. It simply will not grow in the summer heat. This time of year the main choices are Swiss chard and beet tops. Malabar spinach is another good alternative to fill the need for dark leafy greens. When raw the leaves smell and taste of chlorophyll, but have … More Poblano Whole Wheat Crepes With Malabar Spinach & Quark Filling


It was over a year ago we were in Charlotte for an appointment and arrived much too early. Living away from the city in the country, as we do, it is impossible to estimate drive time for a commute into the city regardless the time of day. We always allow an extra 30 to 45 … More CHEF’STORE