Arepa Cones Stuffed With Scrambled Eggs & Padron Peppers

The other day I wondered how an arepa would serve as a receptacle for ice cream. I knew I didn’t wan’t ice cream for breakfast this morning but it was an opportunity to pursue the idea of conical arepas.

To make the dough I used a combination of yellow and white masa precocida (precooked corn flour) with roughly an equal amount of warm water plus a little salt. The ball of dough was pressed between two sheets of wax paper to about half an inch thick and the circle cut into six pieces.

arepa cones


I cooked the arepas in a nonstick skillet lightly greased with cooking spray.

arepa cones


It probably wasn’t necessary, but I seared the two angled edges for 30 seconds or so to make sure they were sealed. Most of them didn’t balance on edge like in the photo but were held in place with a spatula.

arepa cones


Padrons are one of our favorite peppers. They are mostly mild with just the occasional surprise. Every few days we get enough out of the garden for a small taste.

I left the smaller peppers whole, cut up the larger ones, and sautéed them in olive oil and kosher salt.

arepa cones

arepa cones


The sautéed peppers were added to beaten eggs which were then scrambled.

arepa cones


If I had had more time I might have added cilantro to the eggs and had some sort of sauce to go with the stuffed arepas, but they were good just as they were.

We determined that arepa cones would work just fine stuffed with ice cream with perhaps an occasional leak if not eaten quickly enough.

arepa cones

arepa cones



7 thoughts on “Arepa Cones Stuffed With Scrambled Eggs & Padron Peppers

  1. Greg,
    Such an interesting post. I want to run out and get the masas now! Where do you buy them? I have a Mexican store in the next town over.
    I don’t think I have had the padron peppers….but I like the generally mild with an occasional surprise kind of peppers too.
    What a treat your breakfast is!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! The masa harina I can find in most regular grocery stores but the white corn flour is more common than the yellow. I prefer the yellow. The “harina de maiz precocida” is easier to find in ethnic stores.

      I have never seen padron peppers sold in stores. I order the seeds and grow them myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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