Crushed Red Pepper Without The Seeds

I love crushed red pepper and the pungent heat it adds to pizza and other foods. I don’t, however, appreciate the numerous seeds which invariably accompany the pepper flakes. The seeds, which contribute much of the piquancy, are not very digestible, and the burn which was so pleasurable at mealtime is not so enjoyable the following day. This year I will be enjoying red pepper flakes without the seeds.

Every day I bring in another handful of ripe red cayenne peppers from the garden.


cayenne peppers


I have been devoting a few minutes each day to removing the seeds from the peppers, cutting them into thin strips, then dehydrating and chopping them into little pieces.

cayenne peppers

cayenne peppers


cayenne peppers

cayenne peppers

cayenne peppers



6 thoughts on “Crushed Red Pepper Without The Seeds

  1. So I have a very large plant of cayenne peppers….I had no idea what I would do with the peppers… at least I have an idea. Sounds like not the most fun thing to do, but I will try to do what you did.

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    1. A much more fun thing to do with your cayenne peppers would be to string them up into a garland and let the whole peppers air dry naturally. Use a very strong thread. I used nylon leather working thread and a needle. Just poke the needle through the stems close to the pepper. What I’m doing this year is rather tedious but I do just a few peppers each day.


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