Fruit Salad

On our most recent trip to Patel Brothers we purchased a couple boxes of Ataulfo mangoes. I had initially picked up one box, but at the register was told they were “buy one get one free,” so of course I grabbed another.



Most of the mangoes have now been cut and frozen.

mangoes (1).jpg



We have also been enjoying mangoes fresh in fruit salads. This one with stir-fried Ivey gourd and Padron peppers.

ivey gourd

padron peppers

fruit salad

fruit salad


Lunch today was mangoes with home grown cantaloupe, sweet cherries and crispy masala boondi.

fruit salad

fruit salad


16 thoughts on “Fruit Salad

  1. Greg,
    Using bundi as a topper for fruit salad is brilliant! I went to Patel stores here yesterday too 🙂
    I use ivy gourd in fresh pickles. I like the crunch, so I am sure they tasted awesome in the fruit salad too.

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    1. I have a few ivy gourds left and am looking forward to using them in other ways. They would indeed make a great crunchy pickle.

      Masala boondi was perfect with the fruit. I love mango and other fruits with a bit of spice.

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    1. Patel Brothers have quite a few stores all over the Eastern US and a few out west. I am in North Carolina.

      That is probably not a salad I will be repeating even though it worked well enough. Some of the peppers were too mature and quite bitter. Padrons are much better about thimble size.

      Ivy gourd would make an excellent pickle, especially a spicy Indian pickle.

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