Another Beet Salad

The garden provided us with a few Honey Bear Acorn Squash. I decided to roast one to use in a beetroot salad.   Acorn squash are dense and dry by nature, but I wanted to make sure the roasted squash would not be soggy since they would be mixed with moist ingredients. I chopped the … More Another Beet Salad

Poke Greens Paneer

I usually make my own paneer but we had picked some up at the store recently and it needed to be used up. Palak Paneer is my favorite way to enjoy paneer, after all, I never turn down an opportunity to include greens in my diet. I decided to use pokeweed for the greens in … More Poke Greens Paneer

Potato & Spinach Stuffed Poblanos With Dill Cheddar Sauce

I recently acquired a cast iron cornbread stick pan, not for making cornbread sticks but as a holder for stabilizing peppers while stuffing and baking. With two 1 gallon bags of poblano peppers fresh out of the garden in the fridge, it was time to use the pan for the first time.   I inverted … More Potato & Spinach Stuffed Poblanos With Dill Cheddar Sauce


I usually start to lose interest in the garden this time of year. Some crops have completed their lifecycle and have been harvested, and others have worn out their welcome and have become a bore. Yellow squash has run its course, and I quit harvesting beans weeks ago, letting them grow long and gnarly.   … More Peppers…

When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

When I haven’t eaten in a long time and suddenly realize that I am ravenously hungry I am likely to indulge my more decadent cravings without totally abandoning a healthy diet. This was such a day. After a super light breakfast consisting of a mint lassi, my entire morning was eaten up with a trip … More When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)