Cayenne Peppers On A String

Last week I did a post about drying cayenne peppers without the seeds. The seedless chili flakes can be conveniently added to dishes in the kitchen or at the table for a bit of heat without the lingering burn which often overstays its welcome when seeds are included in the mix.

cayenne peppers


This week I began a much less labor intensive method of drying cayenne peppers. By threading the whole chilis onto a string they can be air dried with virtually no effort. Adding a few chilis each day makes an attractive catkin-like arrangement before you know it. In past years I have threaded garlands of chilis four or five feet long.

The harness needle and waxed thread I borrowed from my leather shop are perfect for the job. I poke the needle through the stem near the base of the pepper. If hung in a dry place where air can circulate on all sides the chilis will be dry in a few weeks. The seeds included in the package will just have to be dealt with later.




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