When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

When I haven’t eaten in a long time and suddenly realize that I am ravenously hungry I am likely to indulge my more decadent cravings without totally abandoning a healthy diet. This was such a day.

After a super light breakfast consisting of a mint lassi, my entire morning was eaten up with a trip to and from an appointment in the city. After arriving back home I got involved in a fermented salsa project then moved on to installing new window blinds. By the time hunger struck it was late afternoon and my appetite demanded something that tasted good and my intellect demanded something nutritious.

There was single leftover arepa in the refrigerator. Leaving it wrapped in foil, I reheated it in a skillet. That way it didn’t dry out and was steamy hot like freshly made.

fermented salsa


While the arepa was heating I cooked some frozen chopped spinach seasoned with salt, cumin powder, garlic powder and onion powder. For the indulgent part I tossed in some cubed Peppadew cheddar cheese.

fermented salsa

fermented salsa

fermented salsa


This cheesy spinach arepa checked (“ticked,” for my commonwealth friends) all the right boxes.

fermented salsa

fermented salsa


4 thoughts on “When Hunger Strikes (not to be confused with a “hunger strike”)

  1. Ps I had the same hunger pangs yesterday afternoon and an apple crumble was the result, made with our own Bramleys and raisins for sweetness, with cinnamon to calm the blood sugar spikes. The topping was ground oats, ground almonds and coconut oil with a smidgeon of coconut palm sugar. That’s ok for breakfast too, right? ­čśë­čĹî­čĆ╗

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