Another Beet Salad

The garden provided us with a few Honey Bear Acorn Squash. I decided to roast one to use in a beetroot salad.

acorn squash


Acorn squash are dense and dry by nature, but I wanted to make sure the roasted squash would not be soggy since they would be mixed with moist ingredients.

I chopped the peeled squash into small cubes and tossed them (without oil) with a dry rub composed of (in roughly equal amounts):

  • powdered rosemary
  • smoked paprika
  • white pepper
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • jalapeño powder
  • Himalayan pink salt

beet salad

beet salad


I scattered the seasoned cubes of squash on a tray and baked them at low temperature (275ºF) with the convection fan on, tossing them once. When they were dry to the touch I spritzed them lightly with olive and put them briefly under the broiler on low.

beet salad


The beets were boiled until mostly cooked and the skins could be rubbed off under cold running water.

beet salad


Chickpeas, roasted acorn squash and feta cheese were added to the shredded beets, which were tossed with kosher salt, lime juice and white wine vinegar.

beet salad

beet salad


The beet salad was served with torn assorted lettuces and tomatoes.

beet salad

beet salad


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