As part of my recovery following surgery I am encouraged to walk at least a mile every day. I am fortunate to live in the country and to have the privilege of walking on the neighbor’s 70 acre property.


walking (3).jpg


walking (7).jpg


I did my usual early morning walk and joined Faye later in the day when she went walking. I’m pretty sure I exceeded today’s requirements by just a little bit.




You are probably wondering how I can tie this in to a food blog. Well, for one thing, I came across a wild persimmon tree which I will be keeping my eye on for ripening fruit.



I also found a great source for wild hickory nuts. Last year I made a fabulous wild hickory nut flavor extract using nuts from our own hickory trees. I am anticipating more exciting ways to explore and enjoy the unique flavor of wild hickory nuts.

So, this is a foodie post after all…

hickory nuts

hickory nuts


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