Vegetable Rice

Not feeling particularly wordy today. This is what happened for lunch:

Mustard oil, cumin seeds, crushed cardamom seeds, crushed coriander seeds, stick cinnamon, cloves, raw cashews, raw peanuts.

vegetable rice


Frozen curry leaves and asafetida.

vegetable rice


Onion, garlic,  green cayenne chilis and salt.

vegetable rice



vegetable rice


Frozen cauliflower, frozen peas and frozen fenugreek leaves.

vegetable rice



vegetable rice


Turmeric, brown rice and golden raisins.

vegetable rice


Boiling water.


vegetable rice



vegetable rice


Precooked moth dal scattered on top of almost cooked rice. Lid.

vegetable rice



vegetable rice


“Every picture tells a story don’t it.”

vegetable rice




8 thoughts on “Vegetable Rice

    1. Thank you. This is a combination of flavors I remember from my childhood. I love it when each bite of food is a slightly different flavor experience, which is why I sometimes like to use whole spices, some of which might be picked out as one runs across them (cinnamon sticks, curry leaves, cardamom pods). I used crushed cardamom seeds in this instance, but often include the entire pod. I don’t mind biting into a cardamom pod by accident but Faye finds it too much of a surprise. She always asks how many are in the dish so she knows when there is no more need for concern.

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