New Batch Of Fermented Jalapeño Hot Sauce

I wrapped up (or should I say, unwrapped?) the jalapeño hot sauce project which has been fermenting for over a month now. Learning the results is very much like unwrapping a present, especially after waiting a month without peeking.

hot sauce


As usual, I scooped off and discarded the top inch or two of mash and wiped down sides of the fermentation container with a clean paper towel dampened with 100 proof (50%) alcohol to sanitize and avoid contamination by undesirable bacteria.

I extracted the liquid from the fermented jalapeño mash by wrapping it in cheesecloth and squeezing and wringing by hand. No, I didn’t use gloves, but I won’t be experiencing arthritic pain in my hands for the next few days either.

hot sauce

hot sauce

hot sauce


To thicken the watery liquid I blended in xanthan gum, sprinkling in a little of the powder at a time to prevent clumping and to recognize when the sauce is thick enough. Too thick and it won’t pass through the constricted opening of a typical small hot sauce bottle.

hot sauce


All my small hot sauce bottles are currently in use so, meanwhile, I’m using other containers for storing the hot sauce in the refrigerator.

hot sauce


So how does it taste? And, is it hot? The flavor is excellent and rivals any commercial hot sauce I’ve ever tasted. And, you better believe it’s hot! That is the whole idea isn’t it? For the timid at heart and those with sensitive (ahem) systems this hot sauce might be better appreciated portioned by the drop(s). Bolder hot sauce aficionados will be tempted to eat it by the spoonful.

hot sauce


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