Sauerkraut Chickpea Pancakes

I patterned this after an Indian breakfast dish called cheela. It is sometimes referred to as an eggless omelet or a vegan omelet. It is made of chickpea flour (besan) and water with a few seasonings and optional vegetable ingredients, about as quick and simple as a recipe can be.

Since I would be using sauerkraut as a main ingredient I steered mostly clear of Indian spices and flavorings (as much as I love them) in favor of caraway and fennel seeds. I did, however, use turmeric for the yellow coloring and black salt for a bit of an eggy flavor.

The ingredients (not all of them pictured) were:

  • chickpea flour (besan)
  • rice flour
  • semolina
  • lightly crushed caraway seeds
  • lightly crushed fennel seeds
  • black salt
  • fermented sauerkraut (rinsed and drained)
  • sliced green onions
  • red and green mild peppers
  • water
  • olive oil for light frying







I usually choose not to heat sauerkraut in order to preserve its probiotic qualities, but in this instance I figured it would be heated only briefly. I rinsed the sauerkraut to reduce the sodium content and because I would be adding black salt for flavor.

I spread the fairly thin batter in the pan with the back of the ladle and cooked the pancakes on both sides.




These were delicious on their own, with ketchup and/or with my fermented hot sauce.




6 thoughts on “Sauerkraut Chickpea Pancakes

    1. Thank you. I wish I could tell you the proportions. I added too much water so added more of the dry ingredients until I thought it was the right consistency. You know, the usual methods in this kitchen. As long as the largest proportion is chickpea flour one really can’t go wrong.

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