Change of Season

With frost possible overnight I decided to pick all the peppers regardless of size or maturity.     Okay, now what do I do with them?!… Cayennes, poblanos, jalapeños, Padrones, Marconis, banana peppers, bell peppers and Cubanelles.   Speaking of peppers… People associate the color red with heat, but peppers, like other fruits and vegetables, … More Change of Season

Shiitake Miso Soup

We are set for a big cool down in the weather tonight. It was a mild 61ºF  (16ºC) when I awoke this morning and is predicted to be a chilly 34ºF (1ºC) tomorrow morning. The coming change in weather, however, wasn’t the inspiration for having soup for our midday meal. I was eager to put … More Shiitake Miso Soup

Green Falafel

It is always with hesitation that I use the name of a traditional dish knowing I have used nontraditional ingredients or methods. I’m sure I have strayed off track with this interpretation of falafel but hopefully not so far that it doesn’t bear some resemblance to the real thing. This was a play-it-by-ear event which … More Green Falafel

Egg Drop V8

When I feel a cold or the flu coming on (which almost never happens) I don’t “reach for Anacin.” I reach for a V8, to which I add a pinch or two of cayenne and heat it in the microwave. The hot beverage helps stave off illness before it takes hold and relieves symptoms if … More Egg Drop V8

Scrambled Tofu

I rarely purchase silken tofu so I was a little surprised to see that the tub of tofu in the fridge wasn’t the extra firm I normally buy. I must have had a specific purpose in mind but that was long forgotten, as was the tub of tofu languishing in the refrigerator on the wrong … More Scrambled Tofu

Angel Hair Pasta With Yellow Pepper Sauce (& lots of other good stuff)

I had my eye on a sweet bell pepper in the garden slowly transitioning to yellow. It still had a slight tinge of green but I decided to enjoy it before the insects did. I’ve done projects with green peppers and with red peppers, so maybe it was time for a yellow pepper project. There … More Angel Hair Pasta With Yellow Pepper Sauce (& lots of other good stuff)