Airing My “Unmentionables”

Today I am laying out some of my “Unmentionables” for all to see. I confess. The title is a bit misleading. No, this is not about my underwear. It is about culinary events which, for one reason or another, escaped mention on the blog. These dishes were not “Deplorable” by any means (don’t worry, we are not going there). All of them were actually quite good and some were downright delicious. If I hadn’t lost thousands of photos to a computer crash there could have been a lot more, but here are a handful of comestibles that never made it to the blog.

Banana / jalapeño cornbread to go with Faye’s sweet potato soup.




Stovetop potatoes, spinach and steamed eggs.




Cucumber pickles by fermentation.




Curry leaf paste for use in cooking.

curry leaf paste

curry leaf paste

curry leaf pastecurry leaf paste


Mostly whole wheat no knead bread.

no knead bread


Canned pickled jalapeños.


pickled jalapeños


Moringa tofu burrito.

moringa tofu burrito


Salads, of course, occur around here frequently without mention…


…as do omelets.




Faye has her moments in the kitchen too which don’t always get mentioned. The chocolate cake in the cast iron skillet is an event still underway. Cast iron takes forever to cool down!

coffee cake

chocolate cake

chocolate cake


Finally, there are kitchen events of which I have photos but no memory. I guess these should be called “The Forgettables.”

I forget

I forget

I forget



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