Fennel, Carrot & Celery Gravy/Sauce/Soup

Fennel is one of the most neglected and least known vegetables. I don’t think I have ever purchased fennel without being asked by the clerk at the checkout counter what it is. Even the produce manager has asked me the ways it can be prepared and used. Fennel is very much like celery but with a subtle anise or licorice flavor.

I had soup in mind when I set out to make this dish but it also serves well as a textured gravy or sauce.

It started with crushed fennel seeds and white poppy seeds in a pan with mustard oil.

Fennel/Celery sauce


Next in the pan were celery, fennel, carrots, sweet onion & kosher salt.

Fennel/Celery sauce

Fennel-Celery sauce (2).jpg


I intended to add whole dried kefir lime leaves at this point for flavor but evidently I had ground them all into powder, so I added the powder.

Fennel/Celery sauce


I added water and let the vegetables cook under a lid for several minutes.

Fennel/Celery sauce


When the vegetables had softened a bit I turned off the heat, put some of them into a blender and blended them to a smooth purée with a little coconut milk.

coconut milk

Fennel/Celery sauce


I blended in more kefir lime powder, fresh French tarragon, fresh basil and a few fennel fronds.

Fennel/Celery sauce

Fennel/Celery sauce


I added the puréed mixture back into the pan with the other vegetables. Faye voiced her approval after tasting a small sample, so I transferred it all into a jar and refrigerated it overnight.

Fennel/Celery sauce


Fennel/Celery sauce


Breakfast this morning was oven roasted potatoes and onions with Fennel, Carrots & Celery Sauce.

The sweet onion was blanched in boiling water and the baby potatoes were parboiled.

Oven roasted potatoes


The halved potatoes and onions were brushed with oil and seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Oven roasted potatoes (1).jpg

Oven roasted potatoes

Oven roasted potatoes

Oven roasted potatoes


5 thoughts on “Fennel, Carrot & Celery Gravy/Sauce/Soup

  1. Between you and Ronit using fennel so attractively, I will need to succumb. I bought it once a few months ago, but it frightened me to try something; thus I let it languish in the refrigerator until it was not edible. Bad dog!

    Virtual hugs,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate when I buy something and let it go to waste! The flavor is mild whether raw or cooked so one really can’t go wrong adding it to almost anything. I hope to do a lot more with it in the near future. Who knows? Maybe even desserts…


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