Scrambled Tofu

I rarely purchase silken tofu so I was a little surprised to see that the tub of tofu in the fridge wasn’t the extra firm I normally buy. I must have had a specific purpose in mind but that was long forgotten, as was the tub of tofu languishing in the refrigerator on the wrong side of the “use by” date.

I have opened packages of tofu before that have descended into a state of spoilage, and there is not a fouler smell on earth unless it is the turkey farm, (housing thousands upon thousands of the fowl) across the fields behind the house, when the winds blow in the wrong direction.

turkey houses


With utmost caution I determined with certainty that the tofu was indeed safe to eat, but it needed to be used immediately. With no time for much forethought, making a tofu scramble was an easy decision.

I started by crushing cumin seeds, fresh rosemary, fresh sage leaves and coarse sea salt with mortar and pestle. This ground mixture went into a hot pan with a little oil.

tofu scramble


To the ground cumin seeds and herbs I added an onion, several ripe red jalapeños, a freshly picked green bell pepper and corn.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble


When the veggies were beginning to caramelize I added the tofu.

tofu scramble

tofu scramble

tofu scramble (5).jpg


I cranked up the heat to cook off the liquid from the tofu and veggies. Seasoning was adjusted with basil salt, and just before turning off the heat I added fresh tarragon and cilantro.


tofu scramble

tofu scramble


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