Egg Drop V8

When I feel a cold or the flu coming on (which almost never happens) I don’t “reach for Anacin.” I reach for a V8, to which I add a pinch or two of cayenne and heat it in the microwave. The hot beverage helps stave off illness before it takes hold and relieves symptoms if one does fall ill. I love a hot V8 with cayenne even on a feel good day.

Faye has been fighting off a cold and has been doing quite well at keeping symptoms to a minimum. In planning breakfast this morning I remembered this post about egg drop soup by fravitch (Your Home For Homemade Japanese Food). I love egg drop soup but can’t remember the last time I had it.

Then it struck me. Why not do an egg drop V8? It would sort of be like an egg drop shakshuka. Sort of.

egg drop v8

egg drop v8

egg drop v8


Even though I am enjoying the best of health this really appealed to me, so I fixed another one for myself.

egg drop v8


8 thoughts on “Egg Drop V8

      1. I saw a video yesterday where a Chinese lady made some brown rice in her InstantPot, and then plopped a serving into a bowl, put in an egg and stirred it about to cook it, and then piled on the kim chee.

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