Sweet Potato Casserole

I was planning to have salad for lunch but it turned out not to be a salad kind of day. You see, yearly maintenance was done on our furnace last week and it was determined that a couple of components were worn and should be replaced before the ten year warranty runs out this month. The technician spent half the day yesterday replacing the parts, but after he left, it was obvious that the furnace was not functioning properly. It wouldn’t run for more than a minute at a time, and no matter how high the thermostat was set the temperature in the house kept dropping. By morning it was sweater weather in the house.

I was told that the man wouldn’t be coming out to fix the furnace until some time in the afternoon. It was not going to be warm and toasty in the house today. A hot oven-cooked meal was in order. This was a good time to use sweet potatoes from the garden.

The sweet potato vines were going to freeze any day now so I pulled them up to make space for the coriander seedlings coming up amongst them. To avoid disturbing the seedlings I didn’t do any digging, but a few of the tubers came up with the vines. I’m still pondering how to harvest the bulk of the potatoes still underground without destroying the cilantro plants.

sweet potato casserole


I sliced an onion, some garlic, a green bell pepper and a sweet potato. The onion and garlic slices were laid in the bottom an oiled baking dish. They were seasoned with salt and pepper and dusted with flour.


sweet potato casserole


Next was a layer of pepper slices.

sweet potato casserole


For a very brief moment I considered making this a vegan dish, but having endured a chilly evening and cold morning I was not in the mood for any more deprivation. I mixed shredded Asiago cheese with milk and an egg and distributed the mixture over the peppers, onions and garlic.

sweet potato casserole


I placed the sweet potato slices on top, seasoned them with salt and pepper, covered the dish with a lid and put it in a 425ºF oven until the sweet potatoes were cooked.

sweet potato casserole

sweet potato casserole


Since this was not a day for self-sacrifice I sprinkled on top a mixture of Asiago cheese, bread crumbs and a few herbs. I put the dish, without a lid, back into the oven and cranked the heat up to 450ºF for a few more minutes.

sweet potato casserole

sweet potato casserole

sweet potato casserole



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