Cornbread With Cranberries & Green Chilis

Faye made a delicious stew the other day. I don’t have the recipe but I know it has orange, yellow, white and red carrots in it as well as leeks. I know this because I fetched them from the garden. It also has fennel, potatoes, kidney beans, tomatoes and small shell pasta.



There was enough stew for several meals. The first time we had leftovers I made whole wheat chapatis with carrots and green chilis. After the chapatis were cooked in a dry pan I brushed them with butter seasoned with garlic and spinach powder.



Today I made cornbread to accompany the leftover stew. It was made with self rising yellow cornmeal, minced green (cayenne) chilis, chopped fresh cranberries, red jalapeño jam, egg and milk.



The cornbread was slightly sweet (from the jam) with tinges of sour (from the cranberries) and had a fair amount of heat (within our range of our enjoyability) from the green chilis. The jalapeño jam had no perceivable heat. I must have removed all of the seeds when I made it in 2008 (no expiration date).




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