Savory Cornbread

The plan for part of the midday meal was to bake a hollowed out onion stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes. I boiled a large onion hoping that partially cooking it would facilitate hollowing it out. Unfortunately, the attempt failed and I was left with a pile of mangled cooked onion.

Now I needed to come up with a way to use the boiled onion and the chives and parsley I had chopped to season the mashed potatoes. The new plan was to make cornbread to accompany leftover soup.

I puréed the onion and added it to self rising cornmeal. I also added the chopped chives and parsley as well as some red chili flakes (without seeds). An egg and a splash of milk completed the liquid requirement for the batter.

savory cornbread

savory cornbread


The cornbread was baked at 425ºF with the convection fan on.

savory cornbread


This was a moist and delicious cornbread that surprisingly did not taste oniony.

savory cornbread

savory cornbread

savory cornbread


Oh… by the way, I successfully baked a stuffed onion a few weeks ago, which is why I wanted to attempt it again.



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