Rice & Curry For Breakfast

A recent visit to an Indian restaurant in Greensboro (I won’t name the restaurant) was disappointing to say the least. A few weeks later, to cleanse our palates, we visited Woodlands, our all time (and all places) favorite Indian restaurant. It is entirely vegetarian with vegan and organic options if you wish. Faye had ordered the Malai Kofta and I ordered Dal Makhani. We were thrilled that they now have Pani Puri in the chaat section of the menu. What a treat! We were too hungry to even think about snapping photos.

You can see their full menus here.

Woodlands 2



We are determined to order one of the Thalis next time. Getting the full spread is worth the $17.95 – $26.95 price. I’m going for the royal treatment! Next time.

rice & curry


We saw no reason not to have the leftovers we brought home for breakfast.

rice & curry breakfast

rice & curry breakfast


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