A Very Confused inside-out, upside-down Biscuit Pizza

A tube of biscuit dough somehow ended up in my shopping cart the last time I went grocery shopping. Imagine my horror and chagrin at the discovery nwhen I was back at home putting the groceries away. Perhaps another shopper and I momentarily confused each other’s cart for our own. I hope they enjoy the … More A Very Confused inside-out, upside-down Biscuit Pizza

Avocado Salad Boats

For a tasty satisfying lunch I hollowed out two halves of a brown steakhouse bread loaf and used them as boats to hold an avocado salad.   I roughly chopped the avocados for the salad and mashed some of it with homemade honey mustard dressing for a spread.   The insides of the buns were … More Avocado Salad Boats

Vegan Fu Yung

A few days ago I made a vegetarian version of Egg Fu Yung, and this morning, for no particular reason, I made a vegan chickpea-flour pancake in similar fashion. To make the pancake I sautéed onions, mushrooms and moth beansprouts in toasted sesame oil.   While the vegetables were sautéing I prepared the batter which … More Vegan Fu Yung

Turmeric Harvest

I’m not expecting any deep freezes in the next week or so but I went ahead and harvested all the turmeric and brought it in for the winter.   I disturbed this little guy’s hibernation in the soil.   I will store the turmeric rhizomes with the soil still clinging to the roots wrapped in … More Turmeric Harvest

Egg Fu Yung

A friend’s blog post reminded me how much I like Egg Fu Yung, and that it’s been awhile since I last made it. I immediately set about sprouting some moth beans. Now, a couple days later, I’m ready to assemble the dish.   Egg Fu Yung is typically made with chicken, but since I am making … More Egg Fu Yung