Taco Salad

My last post was laden with cheese, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This taco salad had no cheese and it wasn’t missed, in fact, had it been included it probably wouldn’t have been noticed anyway with all that was going on. I took a stroll through the garden to see if anything … More Taco Salad

Pomelo Salad

Pomelos show up in the supermarkets this time of year and every now and then I will purchase one. I decided to use this one in a salad.   I had only two ingredients in mind for the salad when I began preparing it: pomelo and some figs which had been soaking in coconut rum … More Pomelo Salad


On a recent visit to the Super Global Market we purchased several items which included Curry Flavored Tofu, Hot & Spicy Tofu, White Bunashimeji Mushrooms and Brown Beech Mushrooms. For our midday meal I put together a stir-fry using the Hot and Spicy Tofu and the Brown Beech Mushrooms.   Ingredients used were: toasted sesame … More Stir-Fry