Veggie Burger

Does anyone remember these? No! not for that!… For keeping your feet warm in bed on cold nights.

hot water bottle


We are making use of our hot water bottles this weekend because our furnace quit working Friday evening. Of course it would happen after businesses have shut down for the weekend. We have the wood stove for a backup, but I like to let the fire die down a little before we go to bed, so we are grateful for our hot water bottles to keep us warm through the night. Warmer weather is setting in so that will help.

Between firewood cutting sessions I fixed burgers for lunch (Whew! I was wondering how I would manage a segue). I don’t do product endorsements, and certainly not paid endorsements but these were pretty good.



I cut thick slices of onion, set them in olive oil and seasoned them with kosher salt and black pepper.



I cut a tomato in half, set the halves on the onion slices cut side up and seasoned again with salt and pepper.



The onion slices and tomato halves were roasted in the oven at 425ºF with fan.



When the beefless burgers had heated in a skillet and the sandwiches were ready to assemble.



I set the roasted tomato halves cut side down on a plate and pressed much of the moisture from them before placing them onto the sandwich.





Pickled jalapeños which I had grown, pickled and canned this past summer, and cucumber pickles I had brine fermented in the summer were served on the side.




9 thoughts on “Veggie Burger

  1. The pre-prep of the onion/tomato looks like a really good way to intensify the flavors of both. There’s no fan in the Cuisinart Oven Central, but I’m going to try this procedure with the tomato/onion in there next time. I still like burgers cooked on the stove better, so both things can happen at the same time.

    Virtual hugs,


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