Millet Crepes With Spinach & Feta Filling

Awhile ago I purchased millet flour imported from Nepal, and today I used some to make crêpes. It just occurred to me that if I happened to spill some on the counter I might not even notice (I never did like these ugly counters).

millet flour


For the crêpe batter I used two parts millet flour and one part brown rice flour. Where one might normally use eggs, milk and butter I used cashews, chia seed and coconut oil. I poured a little boiling water over the raw cashews and chia seeds and let them soak for a few minutes. The millet flour, brown rice flour, soaked cashews and chia seeds, a little kosher salt, a grind or two of nutmeg and water were blended with a hand blender to make a runny batter. I let the batter rest for a few minutes before blending again.

millet crepes

millet crepes


For the filling I went with spinach and feta cheese. I’ve been staying close to home for the last while keeping the fire burning, so being out of fresh spinach I used frozen. To the spinach and feta I added nutmeg and a pinch of powdered rosemary.

millet crepes

millet crepes


The crêpes were vegan and probably gluten free but the filling obviously was not vegan. The extra unfilled crêpes were delicious with a drizzle of honey.

millet crepes


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