Sweet Sapphire Grapes, Feta Cheese, Basil Leaf & Sweety Drop Peppers

At one time I declared Arepas to be my new favorite food. One would think they would then be in the regular rotation on the menu, but it has been awhile since arepas last came to mind. So, I fixed arepas for our midday meal.

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An overstuffed arepa results in an overstuffed stomach…



… But there was room for these goodies, which were what I was really looking forward to.



The Sweet Sapphire grapes were imported from Peru, and Sweety Drop Peppers (Petits Poivrons) are said to have originated in Peru.




This is the sort of thing that must be eaten in one mouthful to get the full effect. Faye was the smart one and made a cut between the toothpicks. I was attempting to feature the unusual shape of the grapes.

Faye preferred the ones with just the basil leaf, Sweet Sapphire grape and feta cheese, but she also liked the ones with the Sweety Drop peppers. I thought they were very tasty either way.



15 thoughts on “Sweet Sapphire Grapes, Feta Cheese, Basil Leaf & Sweety Drop Peppers

  1. These special grapes and peppers are so interesting. Haven’t seen them around, but will definitely look for them.
    I also bought the special corn flour for arepa and hope to give it a try soon. Most recipes I’ve seen call to bake them in the oven. I guess there are many variations.

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    1. Sweet Sapphire grapes really are special. They are super delicious. I came across them last year when they were already past their peak. I was so happy to find them in prime condition this year at Sam’s club.

      The Petits Poivrons peppers are pretty special too. Faye spotted them with the deli olives at the Publix supermarket. She had had them before and praised how good they are. I was disappointed they were out last time we went shopping there.

      Arepas would certainly work in the oven. Toasted in a dry skillet is convenient and no less healthful. I should be more creative using different fillings because there is no end to possibilities.

      I imagine these products will be more widely available very soon.

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      1. Thanks for the info. I will definitely look for these items.
        As for the arepas, I plan to make more than 1-2, so that will probably be easier to bake in the oven. But I’ll try both ways to see if there are any texture or flavor differences. .

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  2. Saw the Sapphire grapes in the store flyers, but that was a week that going to the grocery store didn’t seem to work out as I’d hoped. I thought they’d be available the next week, but . . . NOOOOOOOO! Grrrrr!

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