Hominy Salad

Last weekend Faye straightened out / organized a couple of our pantry closets, and a single can of white hominy wound up at the front of a row of canned corn. I have only eaten whole hominy a couple of times in my life, and I can’t remember what I had in mind when I purchased it this time. I have always regarded hominy as an inferior food devoid of nutritional value. A little reading informed me that I was wrong.

While hominy is a processed food it is processed for very good reason. Dried corn is soaked in a lye solution which dissolves hemicellulose and releases the essential nutrient niacin enabling it to be assimilated by the human body. The process softens the corn kernels removing the hull and making it more easily digestible. Without this process those eating a corn dependent diet would be prone to niacin deficiency and the disease Pellagra. The process also provides dietary calcium. Thank you Wikipedia.

hominy salad


To the rinsed and drained hominy I added red bell pepper, jalapeño pepper, green olives (stuffed with garlic and jalapeño), green onions and cilantro.

hominy salad

hominy salad


When all that was mixed together I added cubed feta cheese and the last of the Sweety Drop peppers.

hominy salad

hominy salad


The salad was served on Romaine lettuce leaves with chunks of avocado scattered on top.

hominy salad


Cilantro Lime dressing went very well with this salad as did my fermented jalapeño hot sauce.

hominy salad

jalapeño hot sauce

hominy salad

hominy salad


8 thoughts on “Hominy Salad

  1. Like you, I seem to have mysteriously acquired a gigantic can of hominy that is lurking in my pantry . . . somewhere. I didn’t really have a clue about what to do with it, except to put it into soup – which, of course, has not happened!

    I just made a pot of cranberry beans, but when those are gone, I’ll give the hominy a whirl. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. Hominy has a very bland flavor (like grits) so it makes a good filler for soups and salads etc. The corn from which corn tortillas are made has also gone through the same/similar alkali treatment process. So, yes, you have had it if you have eaten grits or corn tortillas.

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