Forty Acre Rock & Lugoff House of Pizza & Subs

Quite a few years ago when we were making frequent trips to and from Chattanooga we happened upon Lugoff House Of Pizza & Subs in the town of Lugoff, South Carolina. We were very impressed with the pizza and noted that their menu offered much more than just pizza and subs.

Last weekend we were out for a drive and not far from Lugoff when hunger struck so we  stopped in for an excellent meal. On the way home we were discussing the delicious sounding dishes on the menu and I jokingly suggested we could try some of the other selections “next weekend.” I then thought no more about it.

Fast forward to this weekend when the plan was to pick up a few needed items at Lowes Home Improvement store. To make the time away from home worthwhile I suggested that we go to Forty Acre Rock for a little exercise before going to Lowes to make our purchases.

We were almost to Forty Acre Rock when Faye asked, “Is there a Lowes in Lugoff?” Forty Acre Rock happens to be about a third of the way to Lugoff and she thought my suggestion had an ulterior motive and that I was plotting an excuse to eat at the restaurant again. In truth, it hadn’t even crossed my mind!




While we were resting at the rock I researched on my iPhone and learned that there is indeed a Lowes store just before Lugoff. Well, what can I say… Faye had talked me into it.

I ordered the spanakopita. The Greek salad that came with it filled me up so I took the spanakopita home.




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