Pesto Potatoes & Spinach / Cucumber Salad

Potatoes don’t seem to keep as long as they used to. There was a time when potatoes stored in a root cellar would feed a family through the entire winter. These days, stored at room temperature for lack of a root cellar, the potatoes start to sprout within a week of purchase.

This morning I put a pot full of potatoes on to boil. A few of them were roasted for today’s lunch and the rest went into the refrigerator for use in the near future.

The boiled, peeled and cubed potaoes were arranged on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. I didn’t want to coat the potatoes with oil because enough of that would occur when the pesto was applied later*, but I did lightly brush oil on the surface of the parchment paper. Since the potatoes were already cooked I wanted to quickly dry roast them. That was accomplished in a 500ºF oven with convection fan.

*Coating the potatoes with pesto before roasting didn’t seem like a good idea because the heat could change the cilantro flavor into who knows what.

pesto potatoes


The roasted potatoes were placed into a bowl while still hot and tossed with the cilantro & pumpkin seed pesto mentioned in my last post. I used a basting brush to both toss and coat at the same time.

pesto potatoes

pesto potatoes


When I embarked on this project I hadn’t thought through whether to add multiple ingredients to create a potato salad or leave it as it was. I ended up adding delicatessen Sweety Drop peppers and leaving it at that.

pesto potatoes


Meanwhile I put together a salad consisting of:

pesto potatoes

pesto potatoes


Baked beans rounded out the meal. I will leave you to visualize how this all looked on paper plates because that is how this informal meal was served.

pesto potatoes


One thought on “Pesto Potatoes & Spinach / Cucumber Salad

  1. Yes! On the potatoes reduced storage capacity! I thought it was just me! They seem to sprout so quickly now. I gave up buying ten-pound bags about a year ago. They seem to have red potatoes and Yukon gold ones on sale often enough to keep me supplied with those lovelies.

    I did buy a five-pound bag yesterday, so we’ll see if I can remember to use them in time. The reds were on sale for less than the Russets!

    Like you, I just cook up about two or three pounds of them at a time, and they provide the wherewithal for so many things over the next week.

    Virtual hugs,



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